Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cabin Fever Has Officially Set In!!

I don't know if it's just that we've been mainly indoors for the past 7 weeks, or if it's because it's been raining so much, or maybe because we are leaving on our first road trip in 4 days... But Brynn, Oz, and Mommy are all suffering from an acute case of cabin fever!
Yes, we had a little bit of a rough day today-- between the little girl fussing up a storm, absolutely refusing to go to sleep no matter what I did... And Oz running around growling and barking at any and every car on the street or sound within a half mile from our front door... Mommy was about to lose it!!
So I thought we all could use a change of scenery. I packed up everyone for a car ride around the south side, hoping that would do the trick!!
About 5 minutes into the car ride, I realized that I must be completely out of my mind... Driving around with a now screaming child, and an overly-excited Jack Russell terrier as my co-pilot!! When we approached our 6th red light, I realized that it was one of those defining moments when you wonder if you're going to completely come out of your skin... So I took a long, deep breath, looked over at Oz (who was giving me this look and wagging his nubbin tail as fast as he could) and decided to capture the moment with my Blackberry!

My co-pilot in action

Needless to say, we went straight home... And by that time, Brynn was asleep in her carseat!! Of course, I still had to deal with Oz bouncing off the walls of the 4Runner because he was so excited to be in the car with me!! But how could I have left him at home in his kennel? Poor little thing... He's medicated and in a fragile mental state as it is! The car ride had made his whole day!
Luckily, Allen came home early from work because he has to coach wrestling practice today, giving Mommy a little break... 
Hopefully the next couple of days will be a little better... Wish us luck!!

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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Lindy from Indy said...

I just caught back up with your blog tonight. LOVE IT. You do such a GREAT JOB at keeping all of us far-away people posted on what is going on in your lives. It's great watching all of you grow together as such a beautiful family. Keep em coming!