Monday, October 18, 2010

Brynn's Photo Debut

I just wanted to share Brynn's photo debut in the form of her personalized wallets!! I'm so excited to send out her birth announcements this week too!!

I also wanted to show you how much Brynn enjoyed her 1st "tummy-time" last week...

 And then she fell asleep...
 Oz is doing much better too, if you can't tell from the photo...
What is Brynn's is his too :)
He thinks they share everything... Including his toys! Yuck!
I think he thinks, "Well, she plays with everyone else-- why can't she play with me too?"

A couple of birthday shout-outs today-- It's my Grandpa Ivan's 82nd birthday today!!

And Uncle Adam and Uncle Nick Morrow will be celebrating their very last birthdays in their 20's tomorrow!


God Bless,
The Weinzapfels
By Him everything was created, in Heaven and on Earth. All things were created by Him and for Him.

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