Monday, May 24, 2010

Craftaholic... No really, I think I have a problem!

So, lately I can't get enough of crafting and organizing... I think I have a new project almost every day (between nights that I work, when I'm not sleeping). 
My latest projects have been the nursery, organizing all of our storage bins, and last but not least, landscaping our deck and patio!

Here are a few pictures of the new landscaping...

 Allen did such a great job!!
(I pretty much just helped spread the mulch, and handed him the things that he needed)


It really makes a huge difference!

Organizing the storage bins seems to be a much slower process... There is so much to sort through and throw out, and there's only so much room in our garbage!! The garbage man seems to get a little grumpy if he has to get out of his vehicle to get your trash!
I had to post this picture of Allen "helping" me sort through my childhood things... He likes to stall the process by reading all of my old school papers and diaries!! Here is a picture of him reading my diary from 4th or 5th grade-- he even picked the lock! He thought it was hysterical... I was not amused. 
I still can't believe my mom saved all of those things, but it was funny to go back and remember some of it. I was such a girl. Oh well, at least it gave my husband a good laugh some 18 years later! We were both talking about how we will be dealing with the same issues with Brynn in about 10 years.

On to my next projects- besides the nursery.

I am obsessed with finding a platter for this next project. I have so much chalkboard paint leftover from my storage bins that I am just itching to use it, and this seems like the perfect project! I am going to try and find some good thrift stores around my area to find an older platter. Wish me luck!

This plate is from an Etsy shop. Very cute! Only $9.99
The old-Emily would have bought this in a second... But "nesting"-Emily is obsessed with making her own.

Next project:
A jewelry organizer

 This is another Etsy shop find.
However, I have so many old frames around the house that I can paint or change... And apparently all you need is window screening to finish!
Cheap and easy. And fun, of course!

Allen is really enjoying the perks of this new-Emily! He hopes this thrifty, crafting, organized, neat-freak version of me will stay forever... I kind of hope so too, even though I am usually exhausted by the end of the day!! :)

Soon, we will be registering for Baby Brynn @ BabiesRUs and Target. I believe we have finally made a choice on the baby bedding! I am also dying to purchase this adorable sign for her nursery... I have had my eye on it for at least a MONTH.

 It would say "Brynn Roslyn" instead. Of course.

I am struggling with the colors... I'm not sure if I want to change the colors or keep them the same as those in the picture. Help??

Our next appointment is this Thursday (Roz's birthday)... I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow! She's a feisty little girl, but she's definitely not ready to go anywhere just yet!! I still can't believe there are babies in the NICU that are just a few weeks older than Brynn!! I can't even imagine having her so soon. I pray for those poor mommies. :(

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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Roz said...

Emi, everything looks AMAZING!! I have to say that I also love Etsy and find the CUTEST thing on there website, now that I know you are Miss handy dandy I will be sure to send some creative requests your way :) The outside is unbelievable, I might have to book Allen for some work here! Love and miss you guys! Can't wait to hear about Thursdays appointment!