Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Little Food Critic

B has become such a food critic.

She has been eating solids for over 4 months now, and rarely refuses anything...
But she makes no secret about her dislike of sweet peas.{just like Mommy and Daddy}
For further confirmation, see this post...

We have been trying to feed her this lovely combo for the past few nights...
Well, as you can probably guess, she has been a little uncooperative!
It's so hilarious to watch her demeanor change from beginning to end of this meal...
But how can I really make her eat something that I probably wouldn't eat myself?
Instead, it just becomes entertainment for the both of us... Until she gets fed up {no pun intended}!

She is always so "happy-go-lucky" in the beginning...
{just wait for her lovely reaction when the taste hits...}

Then we hit a {HUGE} speed bump!

What can I say?
She's just a girl of my own heart who knows what she wants... Or doesn't.

Her bottom central incisors are coming in fast, but she has been SUCH a trooper!
I feel very blessed that she hasn't had a lot of pain and discomfort yet...

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