Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to YOU!
Of course, I'm linking up with the always-wonderful Jamie @ This Kind of Love for a little WILW fun!

Here is some of what I'm loving this week!

I'm {loving} my absolute favorite perfume in the entire world...

It's called Cleopatra by TOCCA, and it smells divine! :)
This has been my go-to perfume for years, and I couldn't live without it...
{I usually get it from}

I'm {loving} that I've already started ordering things for Brynn's 1st birthday party {which is over 2 months away}! I am SO excited for October 1st!

{on sale @ for $3.95}

I'm {loving} these beautiful exterior decorating ideas for the Fall... I think I'm ready for the seasons to change, and for this weather to cool down a little. :)

I'm {loving} all of the lovely ladies that I've met since participating in WILWs...
Michelle @ Texas Tanners, Natalie @ From Corporate to Domestic, Kristen @ Joyful Ramblings-- just to name a few! You girls are so sweet, and I LOVE keeping up with all of your blogs! :)

I'm {loving} that B woke up this morning, and all I could hear from the monitor was "Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!" I think she knows just how to get me out of bed... :) {Even though I really wanted to sleep-in a little this morning, because I was awake for over 24 hours yesterday.... YIKES!}

I'm {loving} that B's high chair project is coming along GREAT!

Updated photos coming soon...

I'm {loving} these amazing food ideas that I've pinned this week...

{Sea salt caramels}

{we made this the other night, and it was FABulous}

{lemon orzo w/grape tomato & asparagus}

{lettuce wraps}

I'm {loving} that I finally tried coconut water...
I picked this up at the Fresh Market... It's actually pretty yummy! :)

And I am {loving} my amazing hubby, and our sweet baby girl!

{You can totally see the sleep-deprivation on his face in this photo... She was pretty hard on us when she was little!! He is SUCH an amazing Daddy}

What are YOU loving this week?
Feel free to share!

Have a great Wednesday!


Texas Tanners said...

Aw, thank you - I am TOTALLY happy to have found you! That smores popcorn looks deish...I need to make that for the girls. LOVING your loves this week - as usual. :) I have to go smell that perfume, I have been looking to change things up and haven't found one I like yet. And there is NO sweeter alarm than being called for by a precious little one - although mine yells at me now from upstairs - "Mama Down Mama Down! NOW! NOW! PLEEAASE" I guess I should be thankful she at least says please!

Katie said...

Your blog is just adorable! I love the fall pumpkins - I am SO ready for summer to be over! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bhrett said...

Great list! I'm loving that you are from New Harmony! It is so fun to find "local-ish" people. I'm from Carbondale!

Natalie said...

You are just too sweet! BTW my husband loves coconut water LOL. We were just talking about that when were in the store. I'm so glad we found each other's blogs too! I can't believe our little ones will be turning one soon. Nolan's is on the 20th of October so our little ones are no far apart!

catherine said...

great post!
i am loving your blog today.
excited to see the high-chair re-do. :)

Katie said...

I'm loving all of your fall loves and your little girl is too cute:) We also live very close to New Harmony! Have a happy Wednesday!

Joeylee said...

those are great loves. I've started planning and getting ideas for Keira's birthday and its in Nov. LOL

Kristen said...

You are too sweet!!! I absolutely love blogging but I love meeting new friends through it even more! :)

And I am SO with you on the cooler weather, there's almost no end in sight with all this heat here. Blech. And I found the lettuce wraps on Pinterest, I must try it soon! I love those things!

Amy Rene said...

love that fall exterior!! so cute :)

{I have a giveaway going on until Friday... love to see you there!}

Candace said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment yesterday - especially since it led me back to your blog! Your baby girl is just precious! I love how proud you are in every single post. There is nothing like being a mama, huh? Consider me your newest follower!

Sarah said...

That pocorn looks FAB! And, your family is adorableee! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!